This is the part where will tell you who we are and how “Petite Treats” came to be. It’s kind of an odd story but, really, aren’t all good stories kind of odd?We are Sarah and Wendy — Sisters-in-law who couldn’t live more different lives. Sarah left the corporate world to raise a family and is the busy mother of two young children while I (Wendy) don’t have any kids and have been “career-oriented” for most of my life.  So how did we get here? Well, Sarah was selling her goodies online through her then company “Sassy Batch” and I just happened to be at her house when she was filling an order. It was like little Angels dropped down from Heaven and repeatedly put yummy things in my mouth.  About a month later, her brother and I got engaged and I immediately asked her to make a dessert table for our wedding. My friends & family went nuts over her desserts! At the point, I knew that if she could make that high-maintenance group of people fall in love with her desserts, then she should be sharing them with the world! A short while later, “Petite Treats” was born…  and there you have it!

Sarah is the baker (sometimes she lets me mix stuff), and I do all of the monotonous and tedious business work that she doesn’t want to do. So far, it’s working out rather nicely!